Wojtek Witkowski

Senior UI Engineer focused on interaction design.

I enjoy building fast apps that feel like a physical extension of your mind with considerate motion design and sound effects.

I’m the person who can bridge the gap between design and engineering to give your product that extra attention to detail to stand out from competitors. ✨

Currently not taking on any new work. But you can still shoot your shot.



Building Rainbow 🌈 Ethereum wallet for iOS and Android

Advising frontend engineering at Sound.xyz and adding some polish πŸ’…

Building the fintech banking app at Letter πŸ’Έ

Going viral with Amazon Dating πŸ’˜


Learning new things & working on small side projects.

Improving link previews in group chats with this Telegram bot.

Experimenting with 3D art.

Battling in the STARKADE Legion Arena.